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Tue, Jul. 3rd, 2007, 08:50 am
yoursinspirit: Into the Fray... or is it Frey?

The Warden's House is a beautiful building, and very similar to the administration building on the other side (the side shown in the previous post). We did not enter the building from the front, but rather later both during the tour and on our own several hours after that.

We were the last people allowed to go in with the first tour group. Lucky us :). The night was humid. My camera clock says it was 7:26 when we entered the building. I took this photo as we were about to climb the stairs, it's a group of hostas still wet from the rain earlier.

The gardens around the buildings are very well kept and this picture doesn't do justice to how lovely this spot is. When I was going over my pictures (there are well over 300 from digital) I noticed this orb and orange light of which I will add a crop and zoom.

The picture on the left (or top, depending on how this publishes)is, in all likelihood, a moisture orb, although I have been told that moisture orbs tend to be multiple in a shot. Like most pictures I will post there needs to be more data than one photograph to say "yes, this is likely haunt phenomena". So I put it to you as an anomaly only - whether moisture or non-corporeal. The picture on the right (or bottom, depending on how this publishes) has a small flare type or orb-y thing, that's probably as technical as I get without a text book beside me. It could be a light "reflection" from a standard in front of the buildings, however I am not sure if the light is higher than the building which was behind me when I took the shot (I wasn't looking for ghosts there, so I didn't pay as much attention, I will next year); it could be a reflection of light from the doorway of the building behind me (it's a "check in" area for the visitors and volunteers, we did not come through that building when we began the tour, so I don't know if the door was open or closed, or if there was glass in it for light to shine through); it could be a light coming from the basement however I don't know if there were any lights in that spot, if they would show from that angle, or if they would flare enough as to seem to be no longer on the window glass. EDIT: I just realised that in the main picture I cropped out the window, it would have been to the right in the shot, sorry about that.

I was the last person of the tour most of the time because I was in such stupid awe of the place that I couldn't stop taking pictures. This is a shot of the floor (obviously). These are ceramic tile and each piece is separate. You can see that one has been replaced as it's a slightly different colour than the rest. I imagined someone having to tile that floor.. ALL those floors. It must have been overwhelming.

I'm sure the volunteer at the back with me must have thought she'd died and gone to heaven given the job she had prying me away from things like this staircase:

And these stairs:

Just imagine 100 years of people walking up that staircase, walking on these runners. The work in the stairs is really beautiful, and hopefully you will get to see the magnificence shown in places no one would normally see - like filigree under some stairs, but that's for later.

Next up: Some cells and the library.