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Mon, Jul. 23rd, 2007, 10:32 am
yoursinspirit: Good morning from Louisville, Kentucky.

It is currently 9:30 ish am here in Louisville, I have just arrived home after a mostly fun night with friends and loved-ones and new found friends with a breakfast for a few of the stragglers. Wyrd, Tina, Beverly, Donna (aka ghostlynights), Jack, Jeff, Chris and I ate at a breakfast buffet which may or may not have been named The Golden Nugget. Quite a spread. Deb and Mark visited the parking lot but then left for the hotel in a sudden flurry of what may have been romance or exhaustion. We'll never tell. Anyway, they were missed, but I know we'll see them at dinner - err something.
The trip went like this: Leave home Thursday am with girls and Buddy, arrive in Fort Wayne 8:30 ish that evening. Do computer stuff and then retire. Spend Friday grocery shopping and eating; watch movie re: Brothers Grimm, listen to hosers then retire. Awake Saturday am to request allowance of pets to hotel. Find that pets are not allowed but relate story of Buddy and receive permission for him as special case (medical conditions). Bonus. Go Best Western! Girls stayed in Fort Wayne as we will be home Monday. They have lots of food and water and will get copious snuggles at that time.
Find hotel with help of Navvie, Chris drove - went the speed limit. Argh. Amusements on the way: Large billboard proclaiming "Raptor exhibit - live bald eagle!"; a town called Floyds Knobs, Indiana. Possibly more later.

Waverly is an amazingly impressive building. At 180,000 square feet there is certainly a lot of room to roam. I will go into more detail about the time leading up to the overnight and some of the history of the building in another entry as I've already rambled on enough in this one and I think people like pictures - lots of pictures. As in the Mansfield entries, not everything is going to have possible paranormal evidence in it, that's just the way it goes, and quite frankly on this trip I felt a little let down by most of the spirits of the building given the intense publicity which surrounds the place, BUT haunts don't happen on a daily basis, and some days you are lucky and some days you aren't. It does NOT negate the existance of the paranormal in an area, it just means you may have to go back a few times. Having said that I still heard what I feel to be a very convincing evp, inadvertentaly (apparently) taken by Deb, I had someone play with my shirt, felt a cold spot come and go numerous times and saw related pics and heard related possible evp which makes me feel that we hit a rather haunted room. I MAY have seen a few shadow people and I definitely had a few spots wehre I wanted to run fast and hide. The company was awesome and it really was a great night aside from one event (I'll tell later) which was very upsetting.
To me every old building is incredibly photogenic, peeling paint is a work of art and rusting metal is a treasure. Visually, I mean, because for health reasons and financial reasons it is otherwise decidedly icky. Waverly is a place with such a reputation that EVERY nook and cranny seems to contain a possible face or apparition. This first picture is nothing special, I think, but when I zoom in the place inside the room becomes alive with nurses and misty things. Tricks of the eyes I'm sure. It's still a lovely fantasy and exciting to look at.

Shoot. It's the next mornign and I still haven't gotten to the picture part. I have to check out soon, so I'll add them next entry. Sorry.

Tue, Jul. 24th, 2007 12:32 am (UTC)

Hey Maer!
I had an awesome time. I was some what disappointed in the spirit department until we went over our recordings. We got some good EVPs, go check them out. I agree with you, I love old buildings and every where you look was like art, aside from the halloween paint. I loved the structure and I could imagine what it was like back then.

Fri, Jul. 27th, 2007 09:28 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): Still have to register!

Hello Maer!

I do still need to register. I too was a little disappointed until we started to get it all together! I think that you may find more on the tapes than firs thought! The place is truely awesome. Well romance wasn't on me Markie's mind! It was old age getting to him I think! He did alot more crawling and poking around than I did so he just wore his body out! If we go again I sure hope one of us can take infared! Will look forward to your further posts!!!!!!!!! And can't wait for the next event!

xoxoxo Deb

Tue, Dec. 11th, 2007 04:10 am (UTC)
(Anonymous): Waverly

Hi Maer!
Waverly is indeed "an amazingly impressive building". Hope we can investigate there in 2008 together!